Electric Therapy Exam Table: What Professionals Need to Know

Electric therapy exam tables offer a blend of convenience and flexibility that manual tables just can’t match. For physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals, investing in this equipment can significantly elevate the level of care provided.

The motorized adjustments allow for smooth transitions between positions, eliminating the need for manual lifting. Not only does this make life easier for the practitioner, but it also ensures a more comfortable and less intrusive experience for the patient.

Key Features to Look for in an Electric Therapy Exam Table

When it comes to selecting an electric therapy exam table, several features stand out as particularly important. A high-quality table will offer a range of height adjustments, multiple sections for various positioning, and robust weight-bearing capacities.

Additional features like built-in heat pads or specialized headrests can also add value. While these extras might bump up the price, they can substantially improve both the practitioner’s and the patient’s experience during therapy sessions.

Durability Matters

The build quality of an electric therapy exam table is not something to overlook. Given that these tables see frequent use and need to support varying weights, a sturdy construction is essential.

Look for tables built with high-grade materials like stainless steel or reinforced aluminum. These materials not only offer long-lasting durability but also ease of maintenance.

Motor Efficiency

A powerful motor ensures that height and position adjustments happen swiftly and smoothly. It’s crucial to consider the motor’s longevity and the availability of replacement parts, as this is the heart of your electric therapy exam table.

Portability and Storage

While fixed tables are common, some professionals prefer portable electric therapy exam tables. These offer the benefit of easy transportation for home visits or temporary setups.

Opt for tables with foldable designs or detachable sections for easier storage and transport. However, make sure not to compromise on stability and durability when choosing a portable option.

How to Maintain Your Electric Therapy Exam Table

Regular maintenance extends the life of your electric therapy exam table and ensures optimal functionality. Simple practices like regular cleaning and lubrication can go a long way.

For motorized parts, periodic checks and timely replacements are essential. Always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance tips and schedules. Keep a record of these checks to monitor the table’s performance over time.

Safety First

Never underestimate the importance of safety features. From lockable wheels to emergency stop buttons, these elements provide an extra layer of protection for both the practitioner and the patient.

Ensure regular inspections of safety features and immediately address any concerns. After all, the last thing anyone wants is an accident that could have been easily prevented.

The Role of Technology in Electric Therapy Exam Tables

The marriage of technology and healthcare isn’t new, but the way it’s shaping tools like electric therapy exam tables is particularly noteworthy. Embedded technology, such as touch-screen controls and pre-programmed settings, can make treatment sessions more efficient and personalized.

Integrating these tech features into your practice isn’t just a flashy upgrade. It can actually streamline operations, reduce manual errors, and enhance patient satisfaction. The good news is that many modern tables come with these features built in, so you won’t have to make separate investments.

Connectivity Options

In an age where everything is interconnected, your electric therapy exam table shouldn’t be an exception. Features like Bluetooth connectivity or USB ports allow you to easily integrate the table with other devices or software.

This can facilitate better record-keeping, enable remote adjustments, and even allow for real-time consultations with other healthcare professionals. However, ensure that any connectivity features comply with healthcare privacy and security regulations.

Software Updates

Just like your smartphone, the software that powers the tech features in your electric therapy exam table may require updates. Make sure to keep abreast of these updates, as they often include improvements or fixes that can enhance performance.

Ergonomic Design: More than Just Comfort

An electric therapy exam table is more than just a flat surface; it’s a tool that should promote better posture, easy access, and general comfort for both the patient and the healthcare provider. Ergonomic design elements, like contoured surfaces and adjustable armrests, can significantly impact the quality of care.

The right ergonomic design can reduce strain on the practitioner, leading to less fatigue and more effective treatment. For the patient, a well-designed table can provide better support and comfort, which can be particularly beneficial in long treatment sessions.

Customization is Key

The ability to customize various elements of the table, from the upholstery color to additional attachments, gives you a chance to align the equipment with your practice’s ethos and aesthetic.

So, don’t shy away from tables that offer customization options. These may come at a premium, but the additional investment often pays off in terms of patient satisfaction and branding.

Upholstery Choices

While it may seem trivial, the type of upholstery you choose can impact both hygiene and patient comfort. Options like antimicrobial coatings can add an extra layer of safety, while choices in fabric can affect patient comfort and ease of cleaning.

Oakworks Electric Therapy Exam Tables: A Comparative Review for Professionals

If you’re a physiotherapist or other healthcare professional, choosing the right electric therapy exam table is a big decision. The table you select can impact your practice’s efficiency, patient comfort, and your own well-being during treatments. Today, we’re comparing three Oakworks electric therapy exam tables—ProLuxe PT300, ProLuxe PT400, and ProLuxe PT150—to help you make an informed decision.

Oakworks – ProLuxe PT300 Electric Therapy-Exam Table: A Versatile Option

Price: $1,990.00

Electric Therapy Exam Table


  • A wide range of adjustable settings for different interventions
  • Easy-to-use foot pedals for lifting or lowering patients up to 550 lbs
  • Various sections can be manually adjusted for patient comfort


  • Ground curbside delivery means you have to handle the item inside
  • The backrest and head sections are manually adjusted, which may not be as smooth as electric adjustments

Overall Review: The ProLuxe PT300 offers good versatility for a variety of treatments. Its broad range of manual adjustments provides flexibility, but the manual nature of some of the settings might be a drawback for those who prefer fully automated tables.

Oakworks – ProLuxe PT400 Electric Therapy-Exam Table: A High-End Choice

Price: Was $2,690.00, Now $2,599.00


Electric Therapy Exam Table
  • Electric height adjustments and center break for seamless transitions
  • Enhanced ergonomics designed to benefit both the practitioner and the patient
  • Comes with multi-function foot control for ease of use


  • Slightly more expensive than other models
  • Heavier, weighing 198 lbs, which might make it less portable

Overall Review: The ProLuxe PT400 is for professionals who want both form and function. The electric adjustments and ergonomic design make it comfortable and efficient for both the therapist and the patient. However, the higher price and heavier weight might be considerations for some.

Oakworks – ProLuxe PT150 Electric Therapy-Exam Table: An Affordable Alternative

Price: Was $1,740.00, Now $1,699.00


Electric Therapy Exam Table 2
  • Lower height range makes it easy for wheelchair transfers
  • Comes with built-in face hole for added patient comfort
  • Lower price makes it an affordable option


  • Only a 2-section top, limiting the range of treatments
  • Manual lift-assist backrest might not be as convenient as electric options

Overall Review: The ProLuxe PT150 is a budget-friendly choice that offers basic features for treatment. Its limited adjustments might not make it the best for all types of interventions, but it’s a good starter table or for practices that require simpler configurations.

Comparison Table

Feature/ModelProLuxe PT300ProLuxe PT400ProLuxe PT150
Electric Height Range16in.-34in.17in.-35in.16in.-34in.
Backrest MotionManualElectricManual
Weight Capacity550 lbs550 lbs550 lbs
Product Weight160 lbs198 lbs151 lbs
Number of Sections332
Padding OptionsTwoTwoTwo

Wrapping Up

There’s a lot to unpack when considering the purchase of an electric therapy exam table, but arming yourself with the right information can make the process much less daunting. Whether it’s technological features, ergonomic design, or the financial aspects, each element plays a crucial role in your final decision.

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