Face Caress

A “face caress” as a massage tool typically refers to a soft and gentle tool or device used during facial massages or skincare treatments. These tools are actively designed to provide a soothing and relaxing experience while promoting skin health and rejuvenation.

A face caress tool is typically made from materials such as jade, rose quartz, or other smooth stones. These materials have active cooling properties that can help reduce inflammation and puffiness when applied to the skin. The tool is actively used by a massage therapist or an individual during a facial massage.

During a facial massage with a face caress tool, the therapist or individual actively glides the tool over the skin in gentle, upward motions. This active technique helps improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and active product absorption. The face caress tool’s smooth surface actively minimizes friction and provides a calming, cooling sensation, enhancing the overall relaxation and comfort of the massage.