Shampoo Bowl

A shampoo bowl is an essential fixture in hair salons and barber shops, designed with an active focus on optimizing the hair-washing experience for clients. It typically consists of a ceramic or porcelain basin that is mounted on a pedestal or affixed to the shampoo chair. The active design of the shampoo bowl allows for easy access and efficient hair washing. The bowl’s ergonomic shape and sloped interior ensure that water flows smoothly and comfortably during shampooing, minimizing discomfort for clients and enabling thorough cleansing.

Shampoo bowls are equipped with a range of active features, including a built-in faucet with hot and cold water controls, a handheld showerhead, and a drain system. These features enable salon professionals to control water temperature and pressure, providing an active and personalized shampooing experience for each client. The handheld showerhead allows for precise rinsing and targeting specific areas of the hair and scalp, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the hair-washing process.

Additionally, shampoo bowls are often designed with client comfort in mind, featuring cushioned neck rests and reclining capabilities in some models. This active focus on comfort ensures that clients can fully relax and enjoy their salon experience while having their hair washed. Shampoo bowls are a fundamental element in the salon industry, contributing to the active and efficient delivery of hair care services while prioritizing client satisfaction and comfort.