Reiki Table

A Reiki table is a piece of furniture designed specifically for Reiki healing sessions, a form of energy healing that originated in Japan. These tables are similar to massage tables but are tailored to the unique requirements of Reiki practice, focusing on comfort and the facilitation of energy flow between the practitioner and client. A Reiki table is typically lightweight, portable, and adjustable, allowing for ease of transportation and versatility in setup.

Reiki tables are equipped with padded surfaces and supportive structures to ensure the client’s comfort during sessions, which often involve minimal to no physical contact. The design of the table may also include features such as end panels for the practitioner to sit or stand comfortably while administering Reiki energy, and it may have adjustable heights to accommodate different practitioners’ needs.

The Reiki table serves as a tranquil platform for energy work, supporting the relaxed and meditative state conducive to healing. Its design and functionality reflect the gentle, non-invasive nature of Reiki, making it an essential tool for practitioners offering this holistic healing modality.

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