Chiropractic Table Drop

A “chiropractic table with a drop” refers to a specialized chiropractic treatment table that has an active feature known as a “drop mechanism.” This active mechanism is designed to enhance the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments by allowing the chiropractor to make precise and controlled spinal manipulations.

The active drop mechanism in a chiropractic table consists of sections of the table surface that can be actively lowered or “dropped” during the adjustment process. These sections are typically situated in the pelvic, thoracic, or cervical regions, where chiropractic adjustments are commonly performed. The active drop feature allows the chiropractor to apply a specific force to the patient’s spine without the need for excessive force or manual thrusts.

Here’s how the active drop mechanism works: When the chiropractor identifies a misalignment or subluxation in the patient’s spine, they can actively adjust the drop sections of the table to create a slight drop or dip in the area where the adjustment is needed. As the chiropractor applies pressure or force to the patient’s spine, the active drop sections release and lower momentarily, creating a gentle and controlled active release of tension in the targeted area. This active process minimizes discomfort for the patient and actively enhances the precision of the adjustment.